The overarching goal of this website is to openly provide the output data of our 1D hydrodynamic model Simstrat (v2.0). Yet, the quality of this output data strongly depends on the available in-situ data (i.e., observations), which are used for calibration. Therefore, to have the model of your favorite lake(s) continuously improved, do not hesitate to send us your old or recent CTD profiles, using the following email address: Collected in-situ data are stored in a secured server and will be handled confidentially. Please make sure you include the following information, in addition to the CTD profiles:

  • Lake name
  • GPS coordinates
  • Date and time of each data point
  • Depth of each data point
  • Confidentiality policy of the data, please indicate:
    • if the data use is strictly restricted to model calibration / validation
    • if the data can be used for other purposes
  • Acknowledgments, please indicate how you / your institution should be acknowledged (see the impressum)

Finally, we are very interested in your feedback or any ideas towards collaborative work.

Adrien Gaudard, Martin Schmid, Damien Bouffard